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Recent EMNet Publications

The Bright Sight and Dark Side of Trust: The Mediating Effect of Franchisor Trust on Performance (co-authors: D. Minarikova, N. Mumdziev, M. Griessmair), Managerial and Decision Economics, 2020, 41, 116 – 129.

Design and Management of Interfirm Networks: An Introduction, in: J. Windsperger, G. Cliquet, G.W. J. Hendrikse, and M. Sreckovic (eds.) DESIGN and MANGEMENT OF INTERFIRM NETWORKS: Franchising Networks, Cooperatives and Alliances, Springer, 2020, 1 – 9.

Ownership Structure of Franchise Chains: Trade-off between Adaptation and Control (co-authors: M. Glaser, M. Jirasek), International Journal of the Economics of Business, 2020, 27, 357 – 375.

Determinants of overall franchisee satisfaction: Application of the performance feedback theory (co-authors: M. Jirasek, S. Gaffke), Journal of Strategic Marketing, 2020.

      Network Innovation versus Innovation through Networks (2020) (co-authors Z. Yaqub, M. Sreckovic, G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse), Industrial Marketing Management, 90, 79 - 89.


      REAL OPTIONS IN FRANCHISE CONTRACTING:  An Application of Transaction Cost and Real Options Theory (co-author Ilir Hajdini), European Journal of Law and Economics, 2020, 50, 313 - 337.

Franchising and Country Development: Evidence from 49 Countries (co-authors: C. Lanchimba, H. Porras, Y. Salazar), International Journal of Emerging Markets, 2021 (in print).

A Multilateral Stakeholder Salience Approach: An Extension of the Stakeholder Identification and Salience Framework  (co-authors: A. Raha, I. Hajdini), Industrial Marketing Management, 2021, 97, 1- 9.

Governance of International Franchise Networks: Combining Value Creation and Value Appropriation Perspectives (co-authors: M. Jell-Ojobor, I. Hajdini), Journal of Business Research, 2021 (in print).

The Choice of Master International Franchising - A Modified Transaction Cost Model (co-authors: M. Jell-Ojobor, I. Alon), International Business Review, 2021 (in print).

The Structure of Decision Rights in International Joint Ventures: A Property Rights and Transaction Cost View (so-authors: O. Galak, A. Raha), European Journal of International Management, 2021 (in print).


Edited Books

  • Windsperger J., G. Cliquet, T. Ehrmann, G. Hendrikse (2004), Economics and Management of Franchising Networks, Heidelberg.
  • Cliquet, G., G. Hendrikse, M. Tuunanen, J. Windsperger (2007), Economics and Management of Networks, Springer, Berlin.
  • Hendrikse, G., J. Windsperger, G. Cliquet, M. Tuunanen (2008), Strategy and Governance of Networks, Springer, Berlin.
  • Tuunanen, M., J. Windsperger, G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse (2011), New Developments in the Theory of Networks, Springer, Berlin.
  • Ehrmann, T., G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse, J. Windsperger (2013), Network Governance: Alliances, Cooperatives and Franchise Chains, Springer, Berlin.
  • Windsperger J., Ehrmann, T., G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse (2015), Interfirm Networks: Franchising, Cooperatives, and Strategic Alliances, Springer.
  • Hendrikse, G., G. Cliquet, T. Ehrmann, J. Windsperger (2017), Management and Governance of Networks: Franchising, Cooperatives and Strategic Alliances, Springer, Berlin.
  • Windsperger, J., G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse, M. Sreckovic (2020), DESIGN and MANAGEMENT OF INTERFIRM NETWORKS: Franchising Networks, Cooperatives and Alliances, Springer, Berlin.

Special Issues

  • International Studies of Management and Organization – Special Issue: Network Governance (editors: G. Hendrikse, J. Windsperger) (2009)
  • Journal of Retailing – Special Issue: Franchising and Retailing (editors: R. Dant, M. Gruenhagen, J. Windsperger) (2011)
  • Managerial and Decision Economics – Special Issue: Governance of Franchising Networks, Cooperatives and Alliances  (editors: T. Ehrmann, G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse, J. Windsperger) (2013).
  • Small Business Economics: Governance and Strategy of Entrepreneurial Networks (editors: J. Windsperger, G. Cliquet, T. Ehrmann, G. Hendrikse) (2018).
  • Industrial Marketing Management: Interfirm Networks and Innovation (J.Windsperger, G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse, M. Sreckovic, Z. Yaqub) (2020)








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