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March 31, 2012

Dear colleagues, 

(I) MDE - publication: please write your paper according to the MDE-guidelines:http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/%28ISSN%291099-1468/homepage/ForAuthors.html

(II) Springer- BOOK: please apply the following rules: Springer Guidelines


January 2012

Dear colleague, we wish you a very happy New Year!

The deadline for submitting the final version
of the paper is JANUARY 7, 2012.

We will publish a Special Issue in MDE and an edited book in Springer. The final decisions for the first round of review process are made by
January 31.

RULES for the publication

1. After the conference we will publish the papers on the web page. Please send the final version of the paper for the publication on the EMNet-web page by December 15 to Josef Windsperger (josef.windsperger@univie.ac.at).
On the top of the first page the following text should be included:

Paper presented at the EMNet 2011
December 1 – 3, 2011, Limassol, Cyprus

2. Publication Possibilities:
(I) A SPECIAL ISSUE on 'Governance of
Franchising Networks, Cooperatives, and Alliances' will be published in
the journal 'Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE)’

(II) In addition, we will publish an edited BOOK in the Springer Verlag.

(III) Please inform me about your preferences regarding publishing your paper in the book or the Journal. However, the final decision about whether your paper will be published in the book or the Journal will be made by the editors.

Publication and Review Process:
a.    Primarily we assume that ALL participants intend to submit the conference paper for publication. Therefore, if we do not get any message from you by December 15, 2011 that you do not want to publish the paper in the book or the Special Issue of MDE, we include the paper in the first round of the review process.
b.    In the first round of the review process a preliminary selection of papers will be chosen for publication by January 31.
c.    The selected papers are subjected to a second round double-blind review process. Only the papers that survive the second round of the review process will be accepted for final publication.

Best regards,
Nina and Josef


NOVEMBER 26, 2011

Dear colleague,
here are some important information for session chairs and presenters:

I. Session Chairs
Session chairs will be responsible for introducing the session presenters
and for coordinating the discussion. The time limit for presentation is
indicated by cards (– 5 minute warning; – 1 minute warning).

II. Rules for Presentation and Discussion
The panels are 105 (or 120) minutes and 3 or 4 presenters are in a session
1) Each presenter has 20 minutes for presentation.
2) After each paper: 5 - 10 minutes for discussion.

Audiovisual Support
a. Please bring your USB stick.
b. Please bring overhead transparencies or another backup just in case
there is a Power Point problem.

Thank you very much for your support! I am looking forward to seeing you

NOVEMBER 18, 2011

Dear colleague,

we have to know the number of additional persons who will come with the

conference participant and have not paid for reception, coffee breaks,

lunch and dinner.

Price for lunch (including coffee breaks) per person per day = 35

Price for dinner = 35

Price for reception = 10

Please inform me by Nov. 23 how many additional persons will come to the

reception, lunch and/or dinner with you. You can pay for these persons at

the registration desk.

Best regards, Nina and Josef


OCTOBER 28, 2011

Dear colleague,
we hope that your teaching obligations during the last months have enabled you to finalize your EMNet-Paper.

In case you are unable to submit the paper by OCT. 31, we extend the DEADLINE for the submission of the final paper by NOV. 10!!!

If you cannot submit the paper by OCT.31, please let us know when we can expect your submission.
Further information will be published here: emnet.univie.ac.at/emnet-2011/

Best wishes,
Nina and Josef

OCT. 27, 2011

Dear all,

EMNET2011 conference is approaching and I receive many inquiries about the entry visas to Cyprus.

Please check the following web-site to find out if you need an entry visa to Cyprus.

To attend the conference you need to apply for a tourist visa to Cyprus.

E.g. the Cyprus Embassy in Beijing gives the following information as far as application is concerned:

I will be happy to provide an official letter of invitation from Frederick University in Cyprus and mail it to you. Please let me know on time if you need it.

Looking forward to seeing you in Cyprus,

Kind regards,

Nina Gorovaia


September 28, 2011

Dear participants,

(A) PAPER: As organizers of the EMNet 2011 in Cyprus (Dec. 1 – 3) we want
to remind you of the deadline for submitting your paper for the
OCTOBER 31, 2011.
Please send a copy to josef.windsperger@univie.ac.at and Nina Gorovaia
If you have any problems to submit the paper by OCTOBER 31, please let us
know. We will find a solution.

(B) PAYMENT Deadline: OCTOBER 15, 2011.
Rules for the fee payment (see http://emnet.univie.ac.at/emnet-2011/payment/)
Please use the PAYMENT FORM for payment with the credit card. If you pay
by wire transfer please send a copy of the payment confirmation to

2. KEYNOTE speaker of EMNET 2011
Prof.Claude Ménard, Université de Paris 1, UMR 8174 - CES - Centre d'
Economie de la Sorbonne, 106 Boulevard de l' Hopital, 75647 Paris Cedex
13, France


3. Publication possibilities: A SPECIAL ISSUE on 'Governance of
Franchising Networks, Cooperatives, and Alliances' will be published in
the journal 'Managerial and Decision Economics'

In addition, an edited BOOK will be published at Springer Verlag in 2012.

4. The final conference program will be published on the web page
(http://emnet.univie.ac.at/emnet-2011/?no_cache=1) by November 20.

5. If you have any questions regarding travel and hotel, please contact Nina.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Cyprus.
Best regards,
Nina and Josef








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