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EMNet 2005

Economics and Management of Networks:
Franchising Networks, Alliances, Joint Ventures and Cooperatives

Organizing Committee

Miklos Dobak, Corvinus University of Budapest
Agnes Hofmeister, Corvinus University of Budapest
Eva Kocsis, Corvinus University of Budapest
Josef Windsperger (Conference Chair), University of Vienna

Program, Edited Book and Papers

Theoretical Approaches of Networks
Session Chair: Thomas Ehrmann , University of Münster

Anna Grandori: Firm-like Contracts: From Task Contingencies to Resource Commitments
Luis Castro, Joao Mota, Sandra Marnoto: Searching for a Dynamic View of Franchising
Josef Windsperger: The Governance Structure of Franchising Network: A Property Rights Approach

Plural Forms and Governance Structure
Session Chair: Gérard Cliquet, Université de Rennes 1

George Hendrikse, Tao Jiang: Plural Form in Franchising
Rozenn Perrigot, Gérard Cliquet: Plural Form Networks: Evidence from a Multi-Countries Empirical Study
Thomas Ehrmann, Georg Spranger: “What´s the Name of the Game?” Franchisee versus Company Ownership

Cooperative Networks
Session Chair: Jon Hanf, Institut für Agrarentwicklung in Mittel- und Osteuropa

Jos Bijman: Cooperatives and Heterogeneous Memberships
Zsuzsanna Kispal-Vitai: Cooperative Theory from a NIE Perspective
Zu-hui Huang, Xu-chu Xu, Yu Song: Co-governance Based on Abilities and Relations:
An Explanation of the Governance Structure of Farmer Cooperatives in Zheijang Province, China

Strategic Alliances
Session Chair: Miklos Dobak, Corvinus University of Budapest

Steffen Roth, Matthias Meyer, Rainhart Lang, Manfred Moldaschl: How Many Networks are We to Manage?
Colin Butler, European Strategic Alliances: Partners, Motives and Problems
Mihai-Florin Bacila, Oana Adriana Gica: Strategic Alliances between Universities and Companies: Reasons, Key Factors and Advantages

Franchising and Entrepreneurship

Jenni Torrika, Mika Tuunanen: Creating Franchised Business through Franchisee Training Program
Mika Tuunanen, Frank Hoy, Jenni Torrika, Kimmo Hrysky: Franchising as an Entrepreneurial Activity - a Contemporary Policy Perspective
Dumitru Matis, Razvan Mustata, Sorin Achim: The Franchise System – a New Challenge for Romania

Contract Design in Networks
Session Chair: Francis Munier, Université Louis Pasteur

Marco Furlotti: There is More to Contracts than Incompleteness: On Hybrid Contracting in Inter-firm Networks
Cariza Bohrer, Antonio Padula: The Contract Design of a Food Service Company in the Supply of Meals
Olivier Cochet, Julian Dormann, Thomas Ehrmann: Entrepreneurial Autonomy, Incentives and Relational Governance in Franchise Chains

Internationalisation through Networks

Session Chair: Andras Bauer, Corvinus University of Budapest

Barbara Wieshofer: International Alliances Capabilities: A Conceptual Framework
Emanuela Todeva: Foreign Market Entry and Internationalisation of Business Network
Andreas Klossek: The Dynamics of  International Market Entry and Development: The Contribution of Path-Dependency Theory

Entrepreneurial Networks
Session Chair: Jenni Torrika, University of Jyvaskyla

Manuel Ferreira, William Hesterly, Ana Teresa Tavares, Sungu Armagan: Network and Firm Antecedents of Spin-offs: Motherhooding Spin offs
Jarle Aaarstadt, Sven Haugland: Performance Spillover Effects in Entrepreneurial Networks: Assessing a Dynamic Theory of Social Capital
Abraham Stefanides, Panos Mourdoukoutas: Entrepreneurial Networks in Highly Globalized Industries

Networks, Efficiency and Performance (Room)
Session Chair: Georg Spranger, University of Münster

Carlos Barros, Rozenn Perrigot: Franchising and Efficiency
Rajiv Dant, Manish Kacker, Anne Coughlan, Jamie Emerson: Assessing the Correlates of Performance in Franchised Channels of Distributions: A Conintegration Analysis
Klaus Moeller, Nils Gamm: Partner Selection and Network Performance – an Empirical Analysis of Impact and Mediating Factors in German Business Networks

Networks and Innovation– (Room)
Session Chair: De Bond Raymond, Catholic University of Leuven

J. C. Fdez. de Arroyabe, N. Arranz: The Governance Structure in the R&D networks: a Comparative Approach

John Hagedoorn, Nadine Roijakkers: Inter-firm R&D in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology since 1975: Trends, Patterns and Networks
Alok Kumar, Aric Rindfleisch: Organizing for Innovation: Mixed Versus Pure New Product Alliance

Governance of Franchising Networks
Session Chair: Mika Tuunanen, University of Kuopio

Jacques Boulay: Measuring: the Duality Autonomy Control in Franchise Management: a Contingency Perspective
Olivier Cochet, Thomas Ehrmann: Preliminary Evidence on the Appointment of Institutional Solutions to Franchisor Moral Hazard
Magali Chauday, Muriel Fadairo, Myriam Normand: Vertical Restraints in Franchising and Reputation of Networks: A Clause to Clause Analysis on French Data

Networks and Industrial Organization
Session Chair: Josef Beracs, Corvinus University of Budapest

Armando Calabrese, Massimo Gastaldi, Nathan Ghiron: The Network Effects in the Multi-Sided Platform Industries
Liliane Karlinger, Massimo Motta: Divide and Conquer in Network Industries: How to Use rebates to Exclude Competitors
Carlo Capuano: Non-cooperative foreclosing or Collusive Equilibria in the Upstream Roaming Market

Clusters and Industrial Districts
Session Chair: Harry Bremmers, Wageningen University

Ana Colovic: How Strong are Networks? Industry Relocation and Industrial Districts in Japan
David Hojman: Network Learning, Award Winning Performance and Principal-Agent Conflict: Wine-Making in Chile´s Colchagua Valley
Lena Theodoulides: Interorganizational Networking and Innovating Clusters between  Small and Medium-sized Firms

Network Relations in different Sectors
Session Chair: Andreas Klossek, Freiberg University of Technology

Rachel Bocquet: Firm and Industrial Organization Boundaries: An Empirical Analysis of Inter-Firms Network in the Winter Sports Industry
Justyna Matysiewicz: Developing Networks to Deal with Marketing Problems of Health Care Organizations: the Case of Poland
Rakesh Mishra: When Strong Partnership Became Hindrance to Growth: an Example from Indian Software Industry 1988-2004

Theory of the Firm and Networks
Session Chair:  Josef Windsperger, University of Vienna

Michael Filzmoser: The Firm as a Boundle of Resources
Bernard Baudry, David Gindis: The V-Network form: Economic Organization and the Theory of the Firm
Francis Munier, Francis Kern: The Knowledge Creation in Networks: a Comparison between Firm-Network and Network of Firms

Knowledge Management in Networks I
Session Chair:  Eva Kocsis, Corvinus University of Budapest

Remy Epinoux, Gerard Cliquet: Marketing Knowledge Diffusion and Management within Retail Store Networks: Impacts of Information Technology and Plural form
Peter Feher: Development of Knowledge Management Practices at Consultancies
Patrick Rondé, Caroline Hussler: Market, Hierarchy and Knowledge Transfer: Why are Franchising Network Relevant?

Governance Structure of Cooperatives
Session Chair:  Onno van Beekum, Nyenrode Business University

Yamei Hu, George Hendrikse: Governance Structure Choises in China´s emerging Farmer Specialized Cooperatives
John Hanf: Raiffeisen-Co-operatives: Challenges of a vertical Co-ordinated Agri-Food Business
Ole Madsen, Jerker Nilsson: Cross-Border Mergers between Agricultural Co-operatives Linkages between Corporate Governance and Co-operative Governance

IT and Networks I
Session Chair:  Mihaela Muntean, West University of Timisoara

Eldin Mehic, Vesna Babic-Hodovic, Amra Kramo: Virtual Networks-precondition for Successful Implementation of eJOP and Development Long -terms Relations between Participants in Letter of Credit operations
Zoltan Balogh: Spatial structures of Organizations in the IT-Age
Ivett Sziva, Daniel Saho: Coopetition: The Effect of Internet on Community Development in Tourism

Strategy and Structure of Franchising Networks
Session Chair:  Rajiv Dant, Clarkson University

Thomas Ehrmann, Georg Spranger: Asymmetrical Power Distribution in Franchise Channels and Cooperative Franchisors

Evelien Croonen: Strategic Responses in Franchise Systems
Vivian Silva, Paulo Azevedo: Governance Inseparability in Franchising:Evidences from Case-Studies in France and Brazil

Strategic Alliances and Networks in different Sectors I
Session Chair:  Karoly Gast, Corvinus University of Budapest

Jiri Dedina: Strategic Alliances for Small and Middle Enterprises
Norbert Kiss: Networks and Network Performance in the Public Sector
Petri Ollila: Production Networks in Organizing Rural Sources of Livelihood
Tania Gorcheva: The Strategic Alliance - an Opportunity for Gaining Competitive Advantage

Knowledge Management  in Networks II
Session Chair: Jorma Larimo, University of Vaasa

Markus Blut, Dieter Ahlert, Günther Blaich: Transfer of Knowledge in Franchise Networks-a Learning Theoretical Analysis
Mette Knudsen: Knowledge Transfer in Inter-organizational Relationships
Mihaela Muntean: Knowledge Management in Collaborative Environments

Strategic Alliances and Networks in different Sectors II
Session Chair: Norbert Kiss, Corvinus University of Budapest

Hansrudi Lenz : International Audit Firms as Strategic Networks
Etienne Montaigne, Gabor Szabo, Diana Sidlovits : Examination of Contracting Relationships in the Hungarian Wine Industry
Tahir Nisar: The Influence of Venture Capital on Company Management Practice

Virtual Networks
Session Chair: Zoltan Balogh, Corvinus University of Budapest

Sören Kupke, Christian Schultz, Christoph Lattemann: Knowledge Governance in Virtual Corporations
Rita Bissola: The Development of Trust in Business Virtual Teams
Marta Najda: Measurement of Organizational Virtualness

Strategy and Efficiency of  Cooperatives and Credit Mutuals as Networks
Session Chair: Jos Bijman, Wageningen University

Helmut Dietl, Martin Grossmann: The Efficiency of Cooperative Organizations
George Hendrikse, R.A. Smit: An Agent-Based Analysis of Diversification Behavior: Orientation and Governance
Klaus Fischer, Ridha Mahfoudhi: Networks as a Model of Governance: The Case of Credit Mutuals

Cooperatives and Hybrid Governance
Session Chair:  Patrick Rondé, Haute Alsace Université

Jos Bijman, Onno van Bekkum: Cooperatives Going Public: Motives, Ownership and Performance
John Hanf, Erik Schweickert: Wine Co-operatives in Germany-Homogeneous Interests as Determinants of Success
Dominique Finon, Yannick Perez: Transactional Efficiency and Public Promotion of Renewables in the Electric Industry: The Choice between Structures of Hybrid Governance

IT and Networks II
Session Chair: Balazs Hamori, Corvinus University of Budapest

Vittoria Marino, Giada Manolfi, Debora Tortora, Paola Zoccoli: Experience Communication, Virtual Community and Value Creation in Line Business
Damir Trninic: Extended Postal Enterprise: Using Technology to Improve Customer Value and Empower Franchisees in Integrated Business Framework
György Drotos, Karoly Gast: Network-catalyst Sunbools Ltd.,Attempts to Transform the Hungarian Book Trade

Supply Chain Networks
Session Chair: Petri Ollila, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Harry Bremmers, Derk-Jan Haverkamp, Onno Omta: The Influence of Chain and Network Embeddedness on Sustainable Business Development
Britta Lietke, Madlen Boslau: Measuring Transactions Costs of Supply Chain Management-An Empirical Test of Theoretical Implications
Hsin-I Hsiao, Jack van der Vorst, Onno Omta: A Decision Framework for Levels of Logistics Outsourcing in Food Supply Chain Networks

Marketing Networks
Session Chair: Agnes Hofmeister, Corvinus University of Budapest

Somdee Hongphisanvivat: Marketing Networks: A New Wave of Strengthening Distribution Strategy to Gain superior Outcomes

Tibor Mandjak, Judit Simon: Network, But which one? Managing of, in, or by that  Network?
Marcel Pop, Iona Pop: Experience Distribution Network

Network Theories and different Issues of Network Organization
Session Chair: Mihaly Galik, Corvinus University of Budapest

Katharina Wratschko: A Systematic Assessment of the Contribution of Network Theories to the Study of Inter-organizational Relationship

Pierre Rossel, Matthias Finger : Competing Networks, Competing Rationales
Lambros Sdrolias , Maria Vounatsou : Cooperative Strategies of Entry in the International Market between the Greek Enterprises

Joint Ventures
Session Chair: Eva Kocsis

Josef Windsperger, Eva Kocsis, Miklos Rosta: Knowledge Assets and Decision Rights in Joint Ventures: Empirical Results from Hungary
Sara Helena Otal, Ramiro Serrano Garcia II: An Empirical Study on the European Union Competition Policy about Joint Ventures
Jorma Larimo: International Joint Venture Performance: The Influence of the Performance Measures and Location of the Joint Venture

Law and Regulation of Networks
Session Chair: Massimo Gastaldi, University of L’Aquilla

Rene Reich-Graefe: Relational Networks and Enterprise Law-Comparative Aspects of Network Liability in the United States and Europe
Philip Walsh, Emanuela Todeva: Understanding the Role of Networks before and after Deregulation: The Case of RWE
Sara Helena Otal, Ramiro Serrano Garcia I: A Theoretical and Empirical Study of the Economic Substance of Joint Venture

Interorganizational Collaboration
Session Chair: Nina Gorovaia-Zenios, Cyprus College

Gheorghe Silaghi: Coalition Formation Tools for Achieving Collaboration inside Agent Societies
Switbert Miczka, Andreas Größler: The Dynamics of Soft Factors in Inter-Organizational Collaboration
Nina Gorovaia-Zenios: Application of the Exchange Theory for Explaining Franchising-Netzworks

Edited BOOK

An edited book (Economics and Management of Networks: Franchising, Cooperatives and Strategic Alliances) will be published (Springer Verlag), 2006.



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