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December 1, 2005

Dear colleague,
After having made the final decision for the publication of the BOOK (see externer Link folgt www.univie.ac.at/EMNET under 'Conference News'), we want to invite all other participants  of the EMNET-conference to submit their paper to the International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organizations. The journal will  publish a special issue in the next year. Miklos Dobak (Corvinus University of Budapest) and myself will act as  editors of the special issue. More information about this journal  are published under externer Link folgt http://www.inderscience.com. All the information needed for submissions (author guidelines etc.) can be found there.

Rules for the submission:

  1. All papers must be submitted  by February 1, 2006.

  2. Please send the manuscript both to Miklos Dobak (miklos.dobak@uni-corvinus.hu) and  Josef Windsperger (josef.windsperger@univie.ac.at).


November 21, 2005

Dear colleague,
now we have the final list of the papers included in the book (see Startet den Datei-Download BOOKcontent.xls). The SPRINGER-guidelines for the preparation of the final version of the article for the publication in the book are here: Startet den Datei-Download sv-layout.doc and Startet den Datei-Download sv-pagelayout.pdf. The paper for the BOOK should not exceed 20 pages. The second round of the review process will be completed by the first week in February 2006.

September 18,  2005

Dear colleagues,
thank you very much for your efforts and active participation at the Budapest-Conference.  It was a very successful conference because all of you 'networked' very well both in scientific, social and emotional terms.

Buy the edited book NOW!
You can buy the BOOK (Economics and Management of Networks: Franchising Networks, Cooperatives, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances,edited by G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse, M. Tuunanen and J. Windsperger) at the reduced price that is 30 % lower than the expected market price in 2006. You can pay it via bank account or with credit card (see 'PAYMENT' on this webpage).

Publication of the book
We want to inform you that the following procedure will be followed for the edited book (Economics and Management of Networks, Springer, 2006):

  1. The paper for the BOOK should not exceed 20 pages.

  2. Primarily we assume that all participants intend to submit the paper for publication. Therefore, if we do not get any message from you that you do not want to publish the paper in the book by October 8, 2005, we include the paper in the first round of the review process.

  3. In addition, if you want to revise your paper by October 8, 2005, please send us your revised version. Please indicate at the revised version what did you changed compared to the version now on the webpage! If we do not get any new version of the paper,  we use the paper that is  now published on the conference homepage (see below).

  4. In the first round of the review process a preliminary selection of  20 papers will chosen for the BOOK.

  5. These 20 papers are subjected to a second round  review process.

  6. The decision of the acceptance of the paper after the first round  of the review process will be made by November 11, 2005.

  7. The second round of the review process will be completed by the end of January 2006.

  8. The book will be published in spring 2006.

September 13, 2005

Presentation guidelines:
You can use overhead or powerpoint presentation. The presentation time for the paper is 20 minutes and for the discussant paper 5-10 minutes.

September 9, 2005

The papers are attached under 'Conference Proceedings' on this webpage.

September 8, 2005

  1. Conference Program:
    now we have set up the final program. Here you can find the time schedule of the EMNet program and the list of papers and discussants:
    Startet den Datei-Download EMNETprogram(FINAL).doc and Startet den Datei-Download ListofPapersandDiscussants(FINAL).xls
    If you have any questions concerning this program or if you find some mistakes, please contact me as soon as possible. Only minor changes are possible - if necessary. Furthermore, please confirm that you will act as discussant (see list of papers and discussants).

  2. BOOK 'Economics and Management of Networks', Springer (Spring 2006):
    If you have not paid the book (together with the registration fees), you can order and pay it at the registration desk (46,- EUR). This price is 30 % lower than the expected market price. In addition, you can pay the book either with the credit card or with the bank transaction (see 'Payment' on this webpage).

  3. Payment of the Registration Fees:
    All participants, who have not paid the registration fee by September 15, have to pay the fees at the registration desk.

  4. All persons, who want to come to the CONFERENCE DINNER on Fryday and are not registered for the conference, can pay  for the DINNER at the registration desk (25,- EUR per person).

August 30, 2005

Conference Participation:
Late Registration is possible for all researchers, managers, PhD students and all people who are intererested in NETWORKS by September 10, 2005.

August 23, 2005

(A) Rules for the presentation and discussion

  1. All papers are  presented by the authors (20 minutes).

  2. In addition, most of the papers are discussed by another participant of the conference (5 - 10 minutes).

  3. Finally, we have a general discussion (5 - 10 minutes).

(B) Final program
The final program will be published on September 1, 2005.

C) Discussants and Session Chairs
I have now more than 70 discussants of the papers. I  still need some discussants for the papers because the success of the conference depends on the active participation of all participants. Please inform me by August 26, if you able to discuss a paper or an additional paper. In addition, I need also persons acting as session chairs.

(D) Registration Fees:
Furthermore, I want to inform you that some have not paid the conference fee yet. You can pay the registration fee either with the credit card or with the bank transaction (see 'Payment' on this webpage).

July 4, 2005

The registration for the participants who do not present a paper is possible by September 5, 2005.

June 30, 2005

The conference will start on Thursday, September 15, 1 p.m and will end on Saturday, September 17, 4.30 p.m.

June 30, 2005

I have now two very important information:

(A) Deadline for registration and paper submission:
We extend the deadline for registration, the payment of the fee and paper submission by August 1, 2005. This is necessary because of some coordination problems with other conferences in September.

(B) Discussant:
We ask all participants to help us to organize a very efficient conference. Therefore, we ask you to support us as DISCUSSANT or session chair.
The role of the discussant is very important because she/he is able to initiate an active discussion in the audience. You have to discuss one paper that will be sent out by August 15. All discussants get the paper by August 15.

June 6, 2005

The publication guidelines for the paper are published under 'Conference Proceedings'.

June 1, 2005

The final program with four parallel sessions will be published in July after having received the final version of the papers.

May 31, 2005

Agnes Hofmeister, Eva Kocsis, Miklos Dobak and Josef Windsperger
(Organizing Committee)

Dear colleague,
Since many colleagues asked me to extend the deadline for the submission of the final version of the paper, we fixed now July 20 as deadline.

In addition, since many abstracts submitted by PhD students were rejected due to room and time restrictions, we decided that we will organize a PhD workshop on Sunday 18, 2005,  9.00 - 13.00. All PhD students who want to present the paper in this workshop have to submit the abstract by June 15. In addition, they have to pay the conference fee by July 1, 2005, and  submit the final paper by July 20, 2005.

I hope that you agree with this procedure.

Best regards,
Agnes, Eva, Miklos and Josef

May 16, 2005:

Dear colleague,
now we completed the abstract evaluation process.
Here you will find the titles of abstracts (PreliminaryProgram.xls) which were accepted by the scientific committee for presentation at the EMNET-conference in Budapest. Since we received more than 180 abstracts, the evaluation process was very difficult. Due to the time and room restrictions, we could not select more abstracts for presentation.

Since many colleagues asked me to extend the deadline for the submission of the final version of the paper, we extended it by July 20, 2005. Further information can be found on the web page: externer Link folgt www.univie.ac.at/EMNET under 'Conference News`.

In addition, we want to invite all PhD students whose abstract have not been accepted to come to the conference and act as discussant of a paper. Therefore, all PhD students, who confirm the conference participation by July 1 and pay the reduced registration fee, have the opportunity to participate on all sessions and activities. We hope we will see many of you at the conference. If you any questions, please contact Eva or Josef (kocsis.eva@uni-corvinus.hu, josef.windsperger@univie.ac.at).

We thank you very much for your efforts and hope we will see you soon in Budapest.

Best regards,
Agnes Hofmeister, Eva Kocsis, Miklos Dobak and Josef  Windsperger




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