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EMNet 2003

Economics and Management of Franchising Networks

 June 26 – 28, 2003, Vienna

Organizing Chair:
Josef Windsperger
University of Vienna
Center for Business Studies

Vienna, Austria

Program Committee:
Gerard Cliquet, Université de Rennes, France
George Hendrikse, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
Eva Kocsis, Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration, Hungary
Jörg Sydow, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Mika Tuunanen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Josef Windsperger, University of Vienna, Austria
Krzystof Zieba, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland

(The papers are attached at the right side)

1. Theoretical Views of Franchising

  • Norton, Seth (Wheaton College, U.S.A.): Towards a More General Theory of Franchise Governance
  • Allam, Délila. (Université de Paris 1, Sorbonne, France): The Nature of Franchising Relationship and its Organizational Consequences
  • Rometsch, Markus/Sydow, Jörg (Free University of Berlin): Identity of Networks and Organizations - the Case of Franchising

2. Knowledge Management and Network Organization

  • Croonen, Evelien (University of Groningen, Netherlands): Understanding Exploration and Exploitation in Franchising Relationships

  • Verberger, Jiri (Tomas Bata University, Zlin, Czech Republic): Impact of Workflow Systems on the Information Flows and Communication in Franchising Networks

  • Ngyen, Minh-Ngeo/Cliquet, Gerard (Université de Rennes, France): Innovation Management within the Plural Form

  • Langenhan, Fridtjof (Frankfurt, Germany): Knowledge Management in Franchising Networks

  • Allam, Jahangir (University of Chittagong, Bangladesh): Franchising Network in Creation, Dissemination and Management of Knowledge

  • Muntean, Mihaela (West University, Timisoara, Romania): Knowledge Portals and Franchise Community

3. Contract Design and Compensation

  • Bercovitz, Janet (Duke University, Durham, U.S.A.): The Organizational Choice Decision in Business-Format Franchising: An Empirical Test

  • Ehrmann, Thomas (University of Muenster, Germany): Contractual Provisions and Services within a Franchise System: An Empirical Contribution to the Matching of Franchisees and Franchisors

  • Yvrande-Billon, Anne (Université de Paris, Sorbonne): Contractual Choices and Performances: Evidence from the British Railways

  • Vazquez, Louis (Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain): The Use of Up-front Fees, Royalties and Franchisor Sales to Franchisees in Business Format Franchising

4. Network Performance and Effectiveness

  • Roh, Yea Sock/Park, Jeong (Central Michigan University, Mt. Peasant, U.S.A.): An Empirical Investigation of Differences in Selected Financial Measures for Franchising and Non-Franchising Firms in the Restaurant Industry

  • Gorovaia, Nina (Frederick Institute of Technology, Nicosia, Cyprus): Performance of Fanchising Networks: Conceptual Framework

  • Wadsworth, Frank/Tuunanen, Mika/Douglas, Haines (Indiana University South East, U.S.A.; University of Jyväskylä, Finland, University of Idaho, U.S.A.): A Comparision of  Finnish and United States Franchisee Satisfaction

5. Human Resource and Marketing Management

  • Gupta, Mukul (Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India):Relocat, Render and Renovate: A Framework for Marketing Implementation across Franchise Networks

  • Lazenby, Kobus (University of Free State, South Africa): Managerial Challenges for Managing Franchises - Philosophical Debate

6. Industry Studies and Market Entry

  • Jarmalaite, Regina (Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, Latvia): Choice of Foreign Entry Mode by Franchisor: Case Studies of Lithunian Franchisors Entering Latvia

  • Wrobel, Anna (Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland): Franchising Networks as a Growth Strategy - Considerations in Polish Markets

  • Duniach-Smith, Krista (Université de Montpellier, Montpellier, France): International Entry Mode Choice in a Franchise Setting

7. Strategic Management

  • Perrigot, Rozenn, Gerard Cliquet (Université de Rennes, Rennes): Importance of Time Management for Franchisors and Franchisees

  • West, Björn (Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Vasa, Finland): Strategic Change within a Franchise Context

  • Amy Azhar Mohd Harif (University Utara, Sintok, Malaysia) New Practical Framework of Financial Planning Process in Developing a New Franchise System: An Action Research Study in Malaysia

8. Plural Franchising Networks

  • Ehrmann, Thomas/Spranger, Georg (University of Muenster, Germany): Successful Franchising Using the Plural Form

  • Pénard, Thierry/Raynaud, Emmanuel/Saussier, Stéphane (Université de Rennes, Université de Paris, ATOM): Contract Mix in Franching as an Efficient Monitoring Device under Asymmetric Information

  • Ahlert, Dieter/Kenning, Peter/Evanschitzky, Heiner (University of Muenster, Germany): Ways out of the Management Dilemma in F & C Networks: A New Paradigm for Cooperative Network Management

  • Windsperger, Josef (University of Vienna): The Dual Network Structure of Franchising Firms: Property Rights, Resource Scarcity and Transaction Cost Explanations

9. Entrepreneurship and Education

  • Müllner, Michaela (Vienna University of Economics, Vienna): Franchise Survival Pattern in Austria

  • Torikka, Jenni (University Jyväskylä, Finland): Finnish Franchisee Training Program - Findings from the First Ten Programs (1999-2001)

  • Alam, Jahangir, Mohamad Akter Hossan (University of Chittagong Bangladesh): Linking between Franchising Networks for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development – Looking for a Model

10. Regulation and Franchising

  • Hüschelrath, Kai (WHU, Vallendar, Germany): Antitrust Implication of Franchising Networks

  • Marekova, Jeny (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary): The Economics of Restricted Distribution

  • Terry, Andrew (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia): Franchise Sector Regulation: The Australian Experience

11. Competition between Network Forms  

  • Alon, Iian/Cliquet, Gerard/Perrigot, Rozenn (Université de Rennes): Affiliated Networks: The Case of Best Western Internationalization

  • Chauday, Magali/Fadairo, Muriel (Université Jean Monnet, St. Etienne, France): Franchising and the Alternative Contracts to Organize Vertical Restraints: Evidence from Agency Econometrics within French Networks

12. Country Studies

  • Tuunanen, Mika (University of Jyväskylä, Finland): Exploring the Anatomy of Franchising: A Cross- National Analysis of Finnish and US Franchise Provisions

  • Pavlin, Igor (ICPE, Ljubljana, Slovenia): Autonomy and Survival: Conversion of a Voluntary Chain into a Franchise Operation in Slovenia

  • Welsh, Diane/Alon, Iian (John Caroll University, Crummer Graduate School of Business, U. S. A.): Franchising Networks in Selected Developed Economies - A Look at Canada, the United States, the Pacific Rim, and other Countries

  • Pantea, Marius/Stefea, Petru/Ciprian, Man (West University, Timisoara, Romania): Qualitative Study of the Effects of Franchising on Enterprise Methods of Management and Results: Case Study Romanian Economy

In addition, the book 'Economics and Management of Franchising Networks' (ed. by G. Cliquet, G. Hendrikse, M. Tuunanen, J. Windsperger) will be published (Springer Verlag, 2003).


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